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Embracing the vibrant spirit of Peoria, I, as an aspiring artist, am driven by a profound desire to infuse my creations with messages that resonate globally. My artistic journey has been a fervent pursuit of excellence, cultivated under the mentorship of Jonathan Romain, an experience that has been both enriching and transformative.

Peoria is not just my current canvas but also the city of my origin. My artistic flame ignited during my years at Peoria High School, a passion that flourished even more post-graduation. Despite initially pursuing a different path with a basketball scholarship, the unforeseen detour due to GPA requirements led me to a college journey focused on engineering. Graduating in 2022 with an associate's degree in Science, specializing in engineering, I navigated the challenges with a 3.35 GPA. This decision wasn't just about an academic pursuit; it was a deliberate choice to fuel my dream of establishing an Art & Culture Center.

The journey through the challenging realms of engineering was my proving ground, a space where being a black woman in a field dominated by men was my driving force. I sought financial independence, pushing myself to excel in the craft I found solace in—art. In the interludes between semesters, I immersed myself in the teachings of Mr. Romain at ART Inc. Framing, drawing, painting, or contributing to ongoing projects, I seized every opportunity to absorb the artistry around me.

Post-graduation in 2022, I embarked on the quest for financial independence as an artist. My participation in the first art show that year was a pivotal moment, revealing the potential to turn my passion into a sustainable career. Working as an employee at ART Inc further deepened my understanding of the art culture, laying the groundwork for my vision of establishing an Art Cultural Center.

This journey led me to reassess my path, prompting a shift in my major to Art/Business Management. Now, as I embark on my bachelor's degree at Bradley University, a new chapter unfolds, marked by the fusion of artistic passion and business acumen. The pursuit of my dreams takes center stage, guided by the lessons learned, experiences gained, and the unwavering belief that art has the power to shape narratives and communities.

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