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Project 3: An Exploration in Vectors 

In approaching this assignment, my focus was on accentuating the interplay of lights and shadows within the photo while opting to eliminate the background entirely. Initially, I aligned the backgrounds with the skin's color scheme, but I later revised the colors for enhanced visual impact. Each section adhered to a consistent color scheme, employing various shades to create a dynamic visual composition.

To organize the distinct sections, I utilized the shape tool, employing it to separate the composition into four distinct parts. Although the use of the 2x2 configuration was initially unclear during the 8x8in project, I opted for the simpler approach. Additionally, there was no recall of the process for saving as JPEG, prompting me to choose the highest quality for the final output.

For the logo assignment, I employed the shape tool to craft a compelling image of a camera capturing a flash. Leveraging the lesson on grouping in class, I discovered the ability to overlap shapes, allowing me to create a 3D effect by manipulating rectangles into a trapezoid using the direct selection tool. Bright colors were selected to infuse vibrancy, maintaining consistency between the top portion and the camera elements.

Despite an initial intention to have the text wrap, challenges arose, and I opted to keep it in its original position. The font was adjusted for universality, and the pathfinder tool was employed to provide a distinct visual twist to the text, adding an extra layer of creativity to the overall design.

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