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Project 5: Video Joke (Group Project)

Navigating this assignment presented its fair share of challenges, primarily centered around coordinating schedules and overcoming communication hurdles. Despite the initial struggle, the team eventually found a solution, emphasizing the importance of effective collaboration in overcoming obstacles.

The recording phase brought a fascinating dynamic as various perspectives and advice were considered. Pivoting between different phones added an extra layer of complexity, prompting the realization that having a single person handle both recording and editing might be more streamlined. A noteworthy decision emerged during editing when faced with a scene featuring heavy breathing; rather than editing it out, a conscious choice was made to preserve the authenticity of the moment, showcasing adaptability and teamwork.

Creating a dream-like transition for the video's introduction and conclusion became a focal point. The chosen transition method aimed to convey this ethereal quality. Despite debates around the inclusion of a joke due to time constraints, the team opted to retain it, providing a cohesive and humorous bookend to the video. The introduction and conclusion, both featuring transitions, contributed to a seamless viewing experience.

A standout visual achievement was the successful implementation of a transition technique learned in class, effectively guiding the audience's gaze from the eyes to the character's movement around a corner. The decision to keep this transition intact demonstrated thoughtful storytelling and attention to visual continuity.

Despite these triumphs, external challenges surfaced when the laptop screen broke during the editing process. Adapting to the situation, the editing process shifted to a TV screen, presenting an additional hurdle, particularly regarding sound management without headphones.

In the end, the collaborative effort, adaptability, and creative decisions made this assignment a rewarding experience. Overcoming logistical and technical challenges added a layer of complexity to the project, resulting in a video that not only met the assignment requirements but also showcased the team's resilience and creativity.

Jack Bought A Dog

Jack Bought A Dog

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